Simulation of heating losts

The difference between the uncovered and covered pond is obvious. But there is also a big difference between the types of covering. On our model you could have seen it. Whereas on the the uncovered pond you needed 600W to heat the water with surface 0,5m2 20°C over the ambient temperature, with the foil only 220W was needed. When covered with the balls 200W and only 150W when covered by Ekotez plates.

When calculated in relation to 1m2 of water surface you need 60W to get 1°C over the ambient temperature. 22W with the foil, 20W with the ball and only 15W with the Ekotez covering.

The heat that is needed is the same that the heat you are losing. And as you can see from the tables below, with a real pond the savings with Ekotez covering are considerable.

Photos from presentation in Arcen