Why covering?
Close the windows of your pond!

Eliminate redundant water-cooling in your pond and minimize the heating costs. With adecuate covering you can 5 times decrease the heat losses.

The heat losses to the soil represent only 10% (the insulation of the walls does not have any fundamental justification, in many cases it is even inapropriate, because it disables the heat accumulation and increses the temperature fluctuation). More than 90% of the heat is lost thru the water surface.

The data about the heat losses vary from author to author, but the losses to the soil never exceed 10%.

Pond heat losses.

We offer you the solution – solid and easy to assembly covering or floating desks

((can be combined))

  • Limits the heat losses Odkaz vaničky .pdf (text- porovnání tepelných ztrát)
  • Transluscent ==> Day light for your koi
  • Minimizes the temperature fluctuation
  • Allows koi health check
  • Allows fast and easy assembly and easy maintenance
  • Requires only minimum space for storage
  • Uses the greenhouse effect

Floating desks

The newest model of the floating desks is made from a transluscent material (the desks) with foam floaters. There is a space of approx. 4cm in between the desk and the water surface allowing the greenhouse effect and the gas circulation, so that the bad gas, such as ammoniac from the pond, does not stay there.

It is fabricated from materials not harmful to health resistant to any climate conditions. Even snow load is not a problem; it just plunges a little more. The heat insulation is significantly better in comparison with existing possibilities (foils or balls) Odkaz vaničky .pdf. The desks can be set one into the other, what simplyfies the storage and minimizes the space requirements. Even the washing is very easy.

The assembly is undemanding; you just put the desks onto the water surface and snap one into each other. No tools are required and just one person can easily do everything.
Given all the sizes and shapes we offer, you can cover 90% of the water surface even in ponds of various shapes. Complete surface covering is not recomended. Principally when the pond is heated to high temperatures and the koi are fed heavily, the need of air fluctuation is crucial given the evaporation of gases such as NH4, NH3 and CO2 from the pond water.

Desk snaping

Setting the desks together during the storage significantly minimizes the space requirement and maximazes the stability of the stored desks.

Setting the desks together

Desk storage – e-shop

The desks can be used even for ponds of rectangular shapes or in combination with tent type covering.

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